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I Love You Ka Full Form - Love का फुल फॉर्म क्या है? सामान्यत: प्यार (Love) एक तीव्र आकर्षण या भावनात्मक लगाव को प्रदर्शित करता है. If we love someone with selfishness then selfishness will be the opposite. जैसा कि हमने ऊपर बताया कि प्यार का कोई मानक पूर्ण रूप नहीं होता है लेकिन इन्टरनेट और सोशल मीडिया पर इसके बहुत सारे फुल फॉर्म पॉपुलर हैं. Contextual translation of "love ka full form" into Hindi. - noun: an intense feeling of deep affection towards a person - noun: An intense feeling of deep affection towards a person. Full Form PUC In Hindi. कंप्यूटर का पूरा नाम इंग्लिश मे Common operating machine purposely … Maharana Pratap Status And Shayari In Hindi 2020. This is the correct word you try to use to tell someone who really cares about you. सामान्यत: प्यार (Love) एक तीव्र आकर्षण या भावनात्मक लगाव को प्रदर्शित करता है. #9 Answers, #7824 Views Listen to Expert Answers on Vokal - India’s Largest Question & Answers Platform in 11 Indian Languages. Like for a Mother it takes a different form, for wife and children it takes another and so on. प्यार के प्रमुख पर्यावाची शब्द हैं लगाव, प्रेम, अनुरुक्ति, इश्क, मोहब्बत, लाग, इत्यादि हैं. Love ki full form Language of Valuable Emotions bhi hai aur love ka matlab Long Original Valuable Emotion hai. but this is wrong. Land Of Sorrow, Ocean of Tears, Valley of Death, End of Life. G — Gussa hamesha naak pe, I — Innocent sirf shakal se, R — Rone ki automatic machine, L — Ladai mein sabki naani. LOVE के अन्य फुल फॉर्म (Other Full Form of Love) Lack Of Valuable Education; Land Of Sorrow, Ocean of Tears, Valley of Death, End of Life; Loss Of Valuable Energy ज्ञानबक्सा.कॉम पर हम आपके लिए सामान्य ज्ञान, विज्ञानं, तकनीक, सरकारी योजानाओं, भूगोल, इतिहास आदि से जुड़ी जानकारियां उपलब्ध कराते हैं. Love can be defined as an intense feeling of affection with no limits or conditions for a person. Sitting on a bike, getting into new clothes, shopping, watching movies !!!!! इन नामों को LOVE के पर्यावाची शब्द भी कह सकते हैं. LOVE Ka Full Form Kya Hota Hai लव का पहला फुल फॉर्म L.O.V.E - Life’s Only Valuable Emotion. People see love as an authority that has to be achieved and protected. हिन्दी में LOVE का शाब्दिक अर्थ प्यार होता है और प्यार को हिन्दी या उर्दू में कई सारे अन्य नामों से जाना जाता है. गौरैया चिड़िया महत्वपूर्ण जानकारी, रोचक तथ्य और विशेषताएं | Sparrow in Hindi, महिलाओं के बारे में 41 रोचक तथ्य जो किसी किताब में नहीं मिलेंगे. LOVE के अन्य फुल फॉर्म (Other Full Form of Love). And then complaints, disputes will go on. E: Emotion (Only valuable sense of life) Second full form of LOVE: L: Long Lasting. प्यार को शब्दों में बाँधना या परिभाषित करना, प्यार की महत्वता को कम करने जैसा है. एशिया महाद्वीप में कितने देश हैं? You feel used and spent in vain. What is the full name of love 2020 | What is Love - love ka Full Form in English. In today's time, there is really no such love. All Rights Reserved.Theme by Jago Desain. लेकिन, हम आपको प्यार का शाब्दिक अर्थ समझाने के लिए प्यार की परिभाषा (Love Meaning in Hindi) यहाँ बता रहे है. Labels Reviewed by Hindi Sawal Jawab Team on December 22, 2017 Rating: 5 Share This: Can't parents share the same love for parents, siblings, friends, husbands, or wives? It also depends on the entity like a person, food, or an electronic device V: Valuable. Today I thought why should not you be provided complete information about the Love Full Form in Hindi so that you too have information on this subject. 1.1 सच्चा प्यार हमें गुमराह होने से बचाता है. Love क्या है? What is the full name of love 2020 | What is Love - love ka Full Form in English. LOVE does not really have a full form, but different people make their own full forms according to their situation, some of which are shown below, I Love You Ka Full Form. This feeling is so deep that if we do not get that much love in return from that person then it hurts a lot. 5 Women With The Smallest Waists In The World In Hindi, Shakuntala Devi's Guinness Book Record Certificate made by efforts of Vidya Balan, Say HIGH to Forest | Guinness World Records reveals the world’s tallest giraffe. "If someone is going away from you, let them go. मतलब - जीवन का एकमात्र मूल्यवान भावना. There are many lovers whose stories are popular. And then the sweetness in relationships will turn into bitterness. सभी देशों के नाम और क्षेत्रफल क्या हैं? Love is a deep and happy feeling. Love क्या है - love ka Full Form हिंदी में . आइ प्यार यू का फुल फॉर्म क्या है? I Love You Ka Full Form: Love is a term that almost everyone uses, but do you know what the full form of LOVE is? [CDATA[*/ var d = new Date(); var n = d.getFullYear(); document.getElementById('copyrightYear').innerHTML = n; /*]]>*/ • World Recorder. It may be well known that Love is not an acronym, so it does not have a full form. If you have any doubts, please let me know, © /*

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